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JLL @ Paris 6

Numerical results
Curriculum Vitae

Mohammed El Rhabi

Mohammed El Rhabi
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Research Interests: P.D.E - numerical analysis, scientific computing, finite element method, spectral method.
Non-conforming domain decomposition : the mortar element method. Electromagnetisme.
Signal processing, blind source separation. Independent Component Analysis (ICA).
Applied Statistic- stochastic optimization. Application : diagnosis of the electromechanical systems.

Image processing, image restoration : blind deblurring, denoising, inpainting. Image segmentation. Document Image Analysis. Motion Estimation, Optical Flow, Egomotion. Application : cameraphone.
Member of the project (Hubert Curien Partnership-EGIDE-Volubilis program): "Mathematical models and algorithms applied to image and video processing. Application to document-image analysis."

Some Numerical Simulations:

init_end_imag init_imag init_imag init_imag
The Mortar Spectral Method (3D Maxwell's equations) Blind Source Separation (PMI algorithm see this paper for more details or for more simulations ) Dislocations densities in 2D under constant strain velocity (see for more details on dislocations and on this simulation ) Our Blind Deblurring, application to barcode restoration (see for more details on this application ) Our solution for Scanning documents with a cameraphone (see for more details on this application )

Our Camera-Based Motion Estimation : Motionized ; Interface Control (NB: Of course this phone has no accelerometer) ( Other test - Samsung instinct )

Our Camera-Based Motion Estimation : Augmented Reality Game (NB: The Nintendo DSi has no accelerometer)

Our Camera-Based Motion Estimation : Realeyes3d-Nintendo Game(NB: The Nintendo DSi has no accelerometer)

Our Embedded Blind deblurring